Competition time

Hello everyone, it is Competition time, this is your chance to win a calendar featuring 23 photos from my Twisted Cinema series of balloons, also you can win a mouse mat featuring my Lady and the Tramp balloon. 

Have a look through the following photos, there are 18 in total, 9 which show the unmade balloons and 9 photos of the finished product. Once you have looked through them all you need to do is match the photos together and email me. 

If you think that photo 1 belongs to photo A then just put in your email 1-A, 2-B, 3-C and so on until you have matched all the photos together. 

Once you have your answer send it to me in an email at with 'Competition' in the subject line OR head over to and send me a message via facebook. The competition closes at midnight on 10th January 2016 I will pick a winner on Monday the 11th January. Good luck everyone