A-Z of Endangered Species - D for Desert Tortoise

It is week 4 and that means the letter D for my A-Z of Endangered Species and this week I am featuring my first reptile of the series, it is a Desert Tortoise.

This tortoise lives in the southwestern states of the United States and in northern areas of Mexico, it prefers the softer desert grounds so that it can use its strong claws to dig its underground burrows.

Desert Tortoises are threatened by various things, poaching and disease are common but other problems include the introduction of litter and landfill sites which attracts ravens, these birds can eat the smaller baby tortoises. Ravens would not normally do too well in the harsh desert environment however with the introduction of litter and water they are now thriving in the desert areas. 

Another serious problem is the driving of off road vehicles in the tortoise habitat, the off road vehicles spread invasive weeds making it difficult for the tortoises to travel around, also tortoises often seek shade from the heat during the hottest part of the day and a parked vehicle looks perfect but as you can imagine can be deadly for the poor tortoise. 

My main focus of this project is to bring awareness to the many species under threat and one way you can help is to share this post and any of the others from my A-Z series.

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Next week for the letter E I am heading to the jungles of Africa.