A-Z of Endangered Species - Indochinese Tiger

Hello everyone, it is now week 9 of my endangered species made from balloons, for the past few weeks you may have noticed the WWF have been concentrating their efforts on Tigers. I thought it would be good to tie my project into to the WWF campaign by featuring a tiger this week so for the letter I this week I have made an Indochinese Tiger. 

Despite its name the Indochinese tiger is no longer found in China, there are only 350 of the animals left and they can be found in secluded mountainous forest regions of Cambodia, Laos, Burma Thailand and Vietnam. The habitat of the tigers can be found along many of the borders of the countries which makes tracking and counting the tigers very difficult. 

The Indochinese tiger is an expert hunter and will stalk and eat wild boar, deer, cattle and goats. Due to their size they have no natural predators however they are at huge risk from poaching,  there is an increasing demand for tiger parts to be used in traditional medicine and the set up of tiger farms has just made the problem worse. 

The WWF carries out research of the tiger populations to help improve their habitat, they are also working with local communities to help people co-exist with the tigers.  

To find out more about the Indochinese tiger and the work the WWF are doing follow this link - http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/indochinese-tiger

You can donate to the WWF-UK by visiting this link - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/EndangeredSpecies