A-Z of Endangered Species – Fossa

This week for the letter F I have made an animal called a Fossa, this mammal is the largest carnivorous animal on the island of Madagascar and they look like a cross between a dog and a cat. The fossa will eat everything they can catch including frogs, lizards, insects, fish, lemurs and other small mammals.
The Fossa is a solitary creature and they live in the dense forests all across Madagascar, usually high up in the hills and mountain forests. As with a lot of animals on Madagascar these creatures are suffering from the deforestation taking place on the island, there are protected habitats in place to give them a safe home however these are not massive and there is a lot of unprotected land. Another problem comes from local farmers, they regard the fossa as a serious threat to their poultry.
The Fossa can be seen in zoos and wildlife parks all around the world, successful breeding programmes are helping to ensure this wonderful animal does not disappear. if you would like to find out more about the fossa then follow this link - http://a-z-animals.com/animals/fossa/
My main focus of this project is to bring awareness to the many species under threat and one way you can help is to share this post and any of the others from my A-Z series.
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Next week for the letter G I am going to feature my first bird of the series.http://www.bowtieballoonguy.co.uk/blog/