Wow, have I reached the penultimate week already? it is week 25 which is the letter Y and that means we take a look at the wild Yak. Before I talk about the Yak I must mention that this weeks design was heavily influenced by the Japanese balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, I spent ages trying to come up with a design for my yak but just couldnt get it looking that good,  I remembered I had seen an excellent cow design by Masayoshi Matsumoto so thanks to him for the inspiration, please do check out his work, he is a master of balloon art. 

The Domestic Yak can be found all over the Himalayas, Tibet, western China and parts of Russia, They have been farmed by humans for thousands of years, mainly for their milk, hair and for meat, Their droppings are an important fuel source and they are also used for sports such as yak skiing and yak polo. The Wild Yak is a slightly different species and it is this animal I am featuring today, they very similar to the Domestic Yak and can be found manly in Tibet, The Yak has very long dark brown hair to help keep them warm, in some males the hair actually reaches the ground, there are however a small number of yaks with golden brown hair and these are a subspecies of the wild yak, it is thought there are just 170 of these golden yaks left. 

The Wild Yak has suffered in the past from poaching, plus it is thought they have been affected by diseases from domestic cattle herds, the species was classified as endangered however due to the efforts of authorities to prevent poaching and to create nature reserves for the animals the status has been lowered from endangered to vulnerable, hopefully the continued efforts will enable the yak populations to grow. 

Next week is my last animal of the series, the letter Z, I wonder what animal it will be, will I take the obvious route? or go for something more unusual? you will have to wait and see. I am STILL collecting money for the WWF, I would be so happy for any donations no matter how small, every penny makes a difference to help the WWF with their work and my just giving page is both safe and secure - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/EndangeredSpecies

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