This week is my final week of my Endangered Species project, over the last 26 weeks I have featured a different balloon species for each letter of the alphabet and for my final week and the letter Z I thought I would go for the obvious choice and that would be the Zebra. 

There are several species and subspecies of Zebra and not all of them are at risk, the Mountain Zebra however is threatened so this is Zebra I am featuring this week. The Mountain Zebra can be found in South Africa and Namibia, they live in small groups and can be found on mountain slopes, open grasslands, woodlands and areas with vegetation, but their preferred habitat is mountainous terrain.

In the 1930s the Cape mountain Zebra population was down to just 100 individuals but conservation efforts have saved them from extinction, they are still at threat from hunting, poaching and of course habitat loss so the conservation efforts are on going. There is also a European Zoos Endangered Species Program for this zebra as well as co-operative management of zoo populations worldwide so hopefully the future of the Mountain Zebra is looking positive.

So I have reached my final week, I have covered 26 different species from Axolotl to Zebra and it has been an exciting journey for me, I have learnt so much about many of the creatures at risk and I hope you have too, There is still plenty of time to donate to the WWF so please head on over to my Just Giving page here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/EndangeredSpecies

Thank to everyone who has donated so far, also a huge thanks to the WWF who have been following my project from the very beginning. Please to check out the work they do at their website - https://www.wwf.org.uk/

Thanks for watching everyone