Hello wildlife fans, well we have come to the most difficult week of the whole set, what kind of animal begins with the letter X? I actually had a couple of options but decided to go with a species of bird called the Xantus's Hummingbird. 

Xantus's hummingbird lives in Mexico in the state of Baja California, if you are wondering , it is the bit of land on the west coast of Mexico that sticks out into the pacific ocean below California USA. Although the species lives in southern Baja California there are a few very rare vagrant populations along the pacific coast of the USA and they have even been spotted as far north as Canada but these are very rare. 

The Unusual name of the hummingbird comes from John Xantus de Vesey the hungarian zoologist who discovered the bird in the 1800s, while we are on the subject of names I was delighted to find out that a group of hummingbirds has many collective nouns, including a “bouquet", "glittering", "hover", "shimmer", and a "tune” of hummingbirds.

Xantus's hummingbird is not strictly endangered, its not threatened and actually has a status of least concern, so why am i including it on this list of endangered animals? well it is because the populations of the hummingbird fluctuate so much that they often reach the threshold for becoming vulnerable, it is not really known how many of Xantus's hummingbird there are and the slightest change to weather patterns, their habitat and food sources could tip the balance at any moment plunging the bird into vulnerable or even worse into endangered status.

I have just 2 more animals to go before I bring my project to an end, I am STILL collecting money for the WWF, I would be so happy for any donations no matter how small, every penny makes a difference to help the WWF with their work and my just giving page is both safe and secure - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/EndangeredSpecies

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